PETiO DOOR is designed to address a need of pet owners everywhere. Our patio doors provide an integrated solution that allows more freedom for your pets and freedom for you from constantly letting them in and out.

Happy Pets Make for a Happy Family

  • A pet that is able to enter and exit the house freely exercises more and experiences less boredom. This makes for a happier and healthier fury family member.
  • Happy and entertained pets exhibit far fewer behavior related problems.
  • Fewer accidents happen in the house when your pet can freely come and go.
  • There is no more scratching at the door and need to get up to let your pets out, which makes for a happier you.

Simplicity, Functionality & Elegance

An in glass pet door allows full use of your sliding glass door, security and a solution that maintains the value of your home. Door inserts impede the opening size of your door, are of poor quality, let in cold air, are easily broken and unsafe. Cutting into your wall can reduce the resell value of your home by thousands.

Custom for Your Pet

Pets come in all shapes and sizes. As a made to order solution, PETiO DOOR offers pet door sizes from small to XL pets. Whether you have a cat, a chihuahua, a lab or a gigantic dog that could take on Godzilla, you will never have get up to open the door for your pet again. Each door is produced with a meticulous attention to detail, because we know your pet deserves the absolute best.

The Highest Quality

Our patio doors and pet doors are only the best quality. Sliding glass doors are argon filled with double locking mechanisms. Our pet doors utilize double magnetic flaps to keep the weather out. PETiO DOOR warranties every door with our limited lifetime warranty. Every pet door is warrantied through our amazing vendor partner, Security Boss. Where custom made doors can cost $2500 or more and use lower quality products in their production, PETiO DOOR is the superior solution.

Customer Reviews

"Installing this in our new home meant moving into a home that was ready for our 3 dogs and made our lives a lot easier from day one." - Jon & Kelly, Reno

"Since installing the PETiO DOOR I haven't had to get up constantly to let my dogs in and out. The fact that I didn't have to cut into a wall or sacrifice half of my patio door opening has been awesome!" - Brenda, Sacramento

"We tried a door insert and took it back two days later. There is no way you can get through a door with only 2 feet of opening. It wasn't worth it. Having full opening of our door is fantastic.' - Wendy & Jay, Boise

"I have looked for such a product for over 3 years. When Carsen at the Ogden Lowe's said he could custom order one for me, I couldn't believe it. There are some happy chihuahua's and a happy owner now" - Robert, Ogden

"As a custom builder I look for ways to differentiate myself and do what's best for my customers. This has been a great addition, especially when customers didn't know such a solution was available." - Kyle, Salt Lake City

"Definitely 5 stars and worth the wait for custom manufacturing. This is going to be big deal when it goes national." - Samantha, Boise