Are Your Buyers Moving in Pet Ready?

Did you know that studies show new home buyers will pay more to have their new home ready for their pets than their kids?

We are often told by our builders that designing homes for their customer's pets, is becoming a very important priority. Lawns are now designed to be the right sizes for pets and purchasing departments are looking constantly for new products for this purpose. This is the next big trend in home building.

Builders and remodelers use PETiO DOOR as a way to further customer satisfaction for the 65% of potential customers that own pets. Design centers have frequently remarked how happy they are to have PETiO DOOR as an additional option for customers to finance into their homes.

The PETiO DOOR is being shown in multiple capacities, from the upcoming Parade of Homes in our home town, to builder model homes and design centers. With such options becoming very popular for builders in our markets, we are happy to offer our product for builders on the entire West Coast.

email us today and we will send you a pro pack with brochures, folders and a credit app.

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PETiO DOOR is excited to now be an option for new home buyers of Riverwood Homes. See our door in the model home at Patagonia and their upcoming Parade home.