Frequently asked questions

Q: Some companies just replace the glass. Why is this better?

A: We are of the opinion that you do it right the first time and that it is built to last. Quality matters and that is why we offer a limited lifetime warranty on our doors. The cost difference is minimal and our customers want it done right from the start. Simply put; they want it the best and they want it done right. If you are going to spend years and years with a door, it needs to last.

Q: How come no one has done this before.

A: This question gets asked all the time. Such doors have been done in very small quantities by custom glaziers at much higher prices. In some regions such doors are catching on quickly. Sometimes costs can be $500 - $1300 more per door than a PETiO DOOR depending on the market. The process can be expensive, but we set out to do it better, with higher quality and at a lower cost for our customers. We are pleased to bring this option to our residential customers and pros across the U.S.

Q: Do you just cut into the glass and doesn’t that weaken it?

A: We do not cut into anything simply because it would weaken the glass panel. Each PETiO DOOR has a glass panel that is especially made and tempered to fit the size of pet door you order. Because of this and due to the strength of the pet door frame, the glass panel is as strong as a non-modified door. We will only ever offer the best.

Q: Doesn’t this create a way for intruders to get into my house?

A: This gets asked all the time and we often joke with customers that seeing a really big dog door might be more scary than it is an opportunity. The security panel on the pet door is ½ inch thick, double polymer. It is more secure than other avenues of entry an intruder might contemplate.

Q: What about just getting a panel insert for my slider?

A: Turning sideways to use your door isn’t fun, especially when it means us guys must give up beer, pizza and chips (that ruins football season) to make it through a 16” opening. The plastic panels are also easily broken, not secure and let in the heat and the cold. PETiO DOOR was created based on comments from those that never wanted to have to use that option. Our founder was one of them, after having returned an insert the same day.

Q: I have an odd size door. Can I get a door that fits my frame?

A: We can certainly look for and modify odd size doors. Feel free to hit us up. We do strongly recommend asking your local pro the cost of modifying the opening so we can help you compare which is the better way to go.

Q: Can you put the pet door in the non-active panel?

A: Using the highest quality pet door on the market means we need to use the active glass panel. Placing the pet door in the non-active panel would limit door opening. Also, our door extends out from the glass panel since we will only use a premium, dual flap pet door that is built to last. Also, in focus groups, we have found that customers do not close their screen and active door panel at the same time, which would be required for an effective pet door in the non-active glass panel.

Q: I am having a home built and would like to move in with a PETiO DOOR in place. Will you work with my builder?

A: Yes. We love helping people move in pet ready. Have your builder contact us so you can include your PETiO DOOR in the cost of your home.

Q: Do I have to replace the whole door?

A: To provide the highest quality product available, we sell PETiO DOORs as a full door solution.  Being able to offer a great warranty and an exceptional product matter. There are custom glaziers that can replace panels, but the cost is similar with lower quality and no warranty.

Q: What happens if my dog outgrows the door?

A: Customers are encouraged to think about potential growth of their pet when ordering as the glass panel is tempered at the size of the pet door specified and we cannot install a different size door. A little bit larger door will seal against the elements just as well as the smaller doors.


Q: Do you install the doors?

 A: We are always happy to assist in finding an installer. A licensed handy man or contractor can easily install the new door. Also, our customers that purchase through the Lowe’s stores we service, can arrange installation through them as well.

Q: Why does it take up to 35 days to receive a door?



A: Based on the variety of door sizes and colors, each door is custom built for you. It is always our goal to exceed that time frame, but we would rather under promise and over deliver. Customer service matters and our customers are updated on their order progress.

Q: Why do you say that this is better than cutting into the wall of my home?

A: A pet door inserted into the wall can dramatically lower the value of the home and create a code violation. Should you sell your home, it is much easier to replace the door than correct the hole cut into the wall.

Q: Do you have a return policy?

A: As a custom manufactured product we are unable to offer returns.