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PETiO DOOR has become a name that receives daily calls, site visits and and chat requests from across the United States. People want a high quality, pet specific product that addresses a need in the fastest growing market in the U.S. As such, we license our name and marketing to glass shops or individuals that can maintain our vigorous quality expectations and utilize our approved OEM vendors.

A PETiO franchisee not only benefits from those that constantly reach out to us but a strong marketing affiliation, additional exposure and added product sales. We provide your marketing materials, constant geographic specific marketing, social media marketing, customer support and area exclusivity. Overall, a PETiO franchisee benefits from a very inexpensive way to grow their business when compared to the costs of self marketing.

Our franchisees can either be a glass shop wishing to expand their market and reach or dedicated individuals that want to provide directly to their regional Lowe's stores. With our Lowe's and factoring company relationships, we can offer regional distribution to those that wish to structure their area market in such a manner.

A PETiO DOOR franchisee will receive:

  • Full rights to use the trademarks and images of PETiO DOOR.
  • Localized marketing intended to drive customers.

  • Marketing materials creation and standardization.

  • Online customer support.

  • A centralized warranty database.

  • OEM price negotiations.

  • 30 percent of each door royalty goes to localized marketing.

  • Vendor listings on website and exclusivity per area (25 mile radius).

  • Exclusive rights to all new product introductions.

  • The option to utilize a Lowe's vendor number.

A PETiO DOOR franchisee will stand out from everyone else in their market.

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